About BKM

Save big on everything for babies and kids

About BKM

Welcome to Baby Kids Market Ireland – where sustainability meets parenting in a celebration of preloved treasures for your little ones., Baby Market Ireland stands proudly as the country’s sole pop-up baby and kids preloved market, dedicated to fostering a circular economy for families with newborns to children of six years old.
At Baby Market Ireland, we believe in the magic of giving new life to gently used baby and kids’ items. Our event is not just a market; it’s a vibrant community where parents can connect, share, and discover high-quality preloved goods. We understand that parenting can be both joyous and challenging, and our mission is to make it a little bit easier on both your wallet and the planet.
Why buy new when you can find preloved treasures that have plenty of life left in them? Our market is a treasure trove of strollers, clothes, toys, furniture, and all the essentials your growing family needs. Set up your nursery or update the kids wardrobes for a fraction of the cost of buying retail as most kids outgrow items before they outwear them!
By choosing preloved items, you’re not only making a savvy financial choice, but you’re also reducing your carbon footprint and contributing to a more sustainable future for your children.
What sets Baby Kids Market Ireland apart is our commitment to creating a warm and welcoming space for families. Our events are more than just shopping experiences – they’re opportunities to connect with other parents, share stories, and build a sense of community. We believe that parenting is a journey best shared, and our market provides a platform for families to come together and support each other.
As Ireland’s only pop-up baby and kids preloved market, we take pride in curating an array of high-quality and gently used items. Our sellers are fellow parents who understand the importance of passing on well-loved items to others who will cherish them just as much.
Join us at Baby Kids Market Ireland, where every purchase tells a story, and every item has a history filled with love. Embrace the circular economy, make sustainable choices for your family, and be part of a community that values both the past and the future.


Our markets run throughout the year at various locations across Ireland and Northern Ireland. Our Markets run from February to May and September to November.

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Host a stall

Save Big on Everything for Babies and Kids.

Recycle Pre-Loved Items for Cash and Keep them Out of Landfill.

At BKM families can recycle gently used pre loved items that their kids have outgrown by turning them into cash instead of adding to landfill.

At the Market families can recycle a variety of gently used pre-loved baby and kids items including clothing, shoes, toys, books, prams, bikes, cots, highchairs as well as other nursery or maternity items and even unused gifts still in their original packaging.

Once kids have outgrown clothing, toys, books, shoes, prams, bikes, cots, highchairs and other nursery items, it makes perfect sense to pass these items onto other families who can get many more years of use out of them. It’s a great way to reuse and recycle kids goods!

benefits of hosting a stall

Hosting a stall at My Kids Market is a fun way make some extra cash for your family.
Declutter your home all while doing your bit for the environment!
Get the kids involved to teach them about the importance of saving money and recycling plus they will get much joy when seeing their treasured items being passed onto other kids!
My Kids Market attracts a large crowd of parents, grandparents and parents to be who are looking for quality baby and kids goods without breaking the budget.
Hosting a stall is much simpler than listing items online and waiting for pick ups or arranging delivery we bring the shoppers to you all on one day!

What to expect

You will find just about everything for boys and girls and all with huge savings as families recycle gently used items that their kids have outgrown.

Our Stallholders are Mums and Dads who have chosen to pass on pre loved items including clothing, shoes, toys, books, prams, bikes, cots, highchairs, car seats as well as other nursery and maternity items instead of adding them to landfill giving shoppers the opportunity to discover many of the popular baby and kids brands for a fraction of the retail price in sizes ranging from newborn to tween.

Plus at every event you’ll discover a selection of small business stalls showcasing their unique new/handmade goods and services often with exclusive Market Day specials!