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The Baby Market takes on!

We’re excited! We’ve taken on!! What’s Flopsy Shop?  It’s none other than an online preloved baby and kids clothing boutique that delivers right to your door.  We thought it fit in pretty well with the ethos of The Baby Market Ireland. It’s been a steep learning curve with photography, a different website provider to get to

reuse month

ReUse Month 2018

The Baby Market Ireland are excited to be involved in ReUse Month 2018.  This fantastic national initiative runs for the month of October with the aim of educating people about reusing products and materials that may be considered at the end of their life. The Baby Market falls into the circular economy category which is

Changes at Baby Market Ireland

We like to think that we are constantly changing and evolving to meet our customers needs and wishes.  Sometimes this change happens through careful planning and strategy and sometimes a shake-up occurs out of the blue and like a domino effect, all change! Original baby market founder, Angie Nagle went with her calling of a

Early Entry

Our Early Entry tickets have been going down a treat in Cork, which were rolled out earlier this year.  Due to the positive feedback of this pilot project and the fact that they’ve been selling out like hotcakes every time, we’ve decided to add them to Galway and Navan! The benefits of this new system